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Acne Treatments

Acne is a disruption in the skin caused by different factors, including bacteria, hormones and genetics.  The pilosebaceous unit is comprised of the hair growing follicle and the sebaceous gland which releases sebum to the skin surface through the pore.  There is a normal population of bacteria called Propionibacterum Acnes (P. Acnes) in the skin, but when pores become clogged the build up of sebum and the enhanced cornification cause blackhead or whitehead comedones to form within the pores. The anaerobic conditions in the comedones stimulate the proliferation of P.Acnes which in turn induces inflammation.  White blood cells infiltrate the area and ensuing inflammation can lead to acneiform lesions called papules, nodules or cysts.  The goals of treatment for active eruptive acne are to reduce the bacteria count of the acne causing P. Acnes, and to control the activity of the sebaceous glands to reduce the excess sebum production.  The clinical improvements in the appearance of acne are evidenced by reducing the size of the individual acne lesions, reducing the frequency of acne eruptions and promoting faster healing times.


Preventing future blockages or clogging of pores can be faciliated through a variety of topical therapies including in clinic facial treatments and a home skin care regimen.


Perfect Image Laser also provide a full skin care range to compliment acne conditions.


Most teenagers will experience acne which can be very debilitating for them.  At Perfect Image Laser we have a program to suit teenagers experiencing acne.  


For further information contact us to arrange a thorough skin analysis and consultation or discuss our teenager acne program.